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I would like to personally thank you for the outstanding job you have done! You stepped into a chaotic environment with multiple issues in front of us. You identified several major design issues that have already had a positive, visible impact to the application environment. I have received extremely positive comments from the team and they appreciate your knowledge and professionalism.

    R. J., Senior Account
Executive, Storage Industry



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What makes the Certainty Group different?

When Oracle performance issues disrupt business operations, those affected are often overwhelmed by the amount of data to be analyzed and the complexity of the technology stack correlations. In some cases, the tuning is done by guesswork or only addresses partial system coverage as vendors are called in one at a time to diagnose the problem. In other cases, the technical team may just need to employ some new methods to get to the root of the problem. In either case, critical data is overlooked and the problems will persist, becoming more and more labor intensive and costly over time.

The Certainty Group eliminates the guesswork and relieves user frustration by analyzing all of the components simultaneously:

  • Oracle database - in-depth and comprehensive analysis
  • Operating system hardware and software
  •  I/O subsystem hardware and software
  • Logical Volume Manager
  • Filesystems
  • Network
  • SQL Application Code
  • Security
  • Storage - local disk, EMC, and NETAPP

Our exclusive Total System Performance software (TSP) enables analysis of the entire system at once. We begin by installing data collectors on the database server. These data collectors unobtrusively gather all operating system, network, security, Oracle database and SQL application configuration and performance statistics. After the collection period (generally 24 hours), the data will be analyzed. Critical items that can cause poor performance or compromise database reliability will be flagged.
Based on these findings, The Certainty Group will prepare three reports:

  1. An executive-level performance summary that provides specific observations and recommendations to effectively tune the system, database and applications.
  2. A detailed technical report that describes and analyzes the performance statistics of the operating system, Oracle database, Application SQL, I/O subsystem, network and security.
  3. A recommendation report that outlines the roadmap for tuning the system and optimizing performance, including a risk and prioritization assessment.

Following the report, a meeting will be scheduled with the customer to discuss the findings. The entire process is completed within one week and the results are 100% guaranteed.

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