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It is great to know we have the capability of bringing these world-class subject matter experts to bear on our customers' challenges. This helps us to demonstrate the value we can add to solutions for business deployment.



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The Certainty Group offers guaranteed results. Our Oracle tuning and consulting services are specifically customized to the needs of your company so that you can be certain your Oracle environment is achieving peak performance. With our technical expertise and our experience solving the most challenging field problems, we can help you to achieve Total System Performance (TSP) for your business software applications running in Oracle database environments. We specialize in quickly assessing and correcting complex problems in multi-vendor, mission-critical systems that demand high performance and reliability. Our exclusive Total System Performance (TSP) toolset expedites our analysis of the entire technology stack an Oracle database depends on and allows us to deliver guaranteed results to you within days.



Principals Peter Dwyer and Brian Lomasky have over 50 years of combined experience in the field.

Peter Dwyer is an internationally known System and Database Architect for Oracle environments. Mr. Dwyer’s chief focus is translating technology systems into business solutions. He is an expert in database development and management and has extensive knowledge of numerous hardware and software systems.

Mr. Dwyer regularly speaks at many professional Oracle conferences as an expert in the field, presenting papers and lectures based on his substantial accomplishments achieving business solutions in Oracle environments.

Brian Lomasky is a nationally recognized Oracle Database Administrator (DBA). An expert in Oracle performance tuning and reliability, Mr. Lomasky is skilled in Oracle configuration and database design.

Mr. Lomasky is the author of the best-selling book Oracle Scripts. This powerful toolset for Oracle DBAs and developers provides scripts to simplify numerous tasks, from protecting against data loss to repairing database emergencies.

Both Mr. Dwyer and Mr. Lomasky regularly accept invitations to speak at professional conferences, including:

  • International Oracle Users Group Americas
  • Oracle Open World
  • European User Group Meetings
  • Oracle Tech Days
  • Oracle World

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